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Steps in the Homebuying Process

Initial Meeting

For our initial meeting, we can meet over coffee, zoom or a place of your choice to discuss your goals around homeownership. Here we will uncover whether home ownership is the right choice for you and if it is, we’ll gain clarity on your must have’s when it comes to location and home features. I believe that preparation is the key, so please never feel like it could be a waste of time or that we’d be meeting too soon.

Get Pre-approved

It’s really important to know before you begin searching how much you are comfortably able to spend on the purchase of your home. I recommend having your pre-approval in hand. This let’s the seller know you are a qualified and serious buyer. If you would like a few recommendations for local and reputable lenders, I’d be happy to share a couple I highly recommend. 

Home Search

Once we have identified your wish list, we can let the home search begin! As your realtor, it is my job to utilize all of my resources to ensure we don’t miss out on any homes. I do this by setting you up on multiple search platforms and utilizing my network to find you a great home and a super deal.

Make an offer

Here is where we work together to negotiate the best deal for you. During this step we meet to discuss strategy. This evolves as the market does, so we will discuss in great detail the best approach for you. My goal is to always give you choices to make your offer stand out, and always stay within your comfort zone.

Under Contract

Once your offer has been signed, the remaining process to close on your new home takes about 30 days to complete. You will pay your earnest money to the title company (usually about 1-2% of purchase price) as your commitment to the process. We will schedule a home inspection as soon as possible, so you gain the best understanding of the condition of the home. We will also meet other deadlines such as title commitment, loan conditions, and appraisal. I will guide you through this entire process with regular updates, an interactive calendar and knowledge of next steps. 

Closing Day

This is the day you’ve been waiting for. We meet at the assigned Title Company for you to sign all of your new homeowner paperwork. You get the keys to your new home at this time once paperwork and funding has been processed.

Here’s what they had to say…

“I feel so fortunate to have had Andrea as my realtor. As a first time home buyer, starting this journey felt really daunting. My husband and I felt overwhelmed by the Denver housing market and weren’t sure we would be able to find something that fit our vision and our budget. Andrea supported us and guided us every step of the way and helped us realize that there were homes that fit our needs. She was exceptionally responsive to all of our questions and once we found a home we loved, she helped us keep track of deadlines. She helped us negotiate with the seller to lower overall costs and also helped us think through our requests for remedy. She honestly made the process feel easy and we felt so cared for and seen from beginning to closing. I would absolutely recommend Andrea.”

– Hannah & Victor (Buyers)

5 Ways To Negotiate Better When Buying in Happyville, USA

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Check out our FAQs for buying real estate in Denver, CO

The short answer is yes. Homes can depreciate in value, but it’s usually temporary. I always advise my clients to plan to keep the home at least five years to ensure you profit money after selling. In the last 30 years, homes in Denver Metro have on average appreciated 7% per year. Not a bad investment! 

First you need to like them! If you get bad vibes or just don’t feel like you’ll enjoy being around them, keep searching. Ask yourself what’s important to you. Seek a Realtor who works full time in this market. Would you want a “part-time” doctor? Get a sense if your Realtor really cares about people. This is a people business and you have to feel like your Realtor truly cares about your best interest and not what’s in theirs. You only get to buy a home usually just a handful of times in your lifetime, you don’t want to chance having a terribly stressful experience because the agent you worked with didn’t care.

Closing costs in Colorado can vary depending on several factors, including the purchase price of the home, the location within Colorado, the specific lender, and other variables. Generally, closing costs typically range from 2% to 5% of the purchase price of the home.

It is a common misconception that you MUST have 20% down to purchase a home. Did you know you can buy a home with as little as 3% down? Did you also know that Colorado offers easy to qualify down payment assistance programs that will gift you up to 4% to put towards closing costs? Please reach out to learn more!

If you have an exceptional Realtor who is really good at asking the right questions, they will help you identify very clearly what it is you are looking for. That clarity will help you be successful in finding the right home. My average client goes under contract on their home within 2-3 weeks of searching. 

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