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Steps in the Home Selling Process

From determining the right listing price to showcasing your property’s best features, coming up with the right strategy is a mix of science and heart.  Here are the steps in the home selling process that will you get you top dollar for your home, in the least amount of time and with the least amount of stress as possible. This is my commitment to you.

Structuring a Plan

  Arrange a meeting with me to go over the strategy and timeline for your property. Whether you intend to list in a week or a year, we’ll collaboratively develop a thorough plan to maximize your profit and alleviate the stress of selling. In our discussion, we’ll also address the listing paperwork and talk about a suggested price range.

Recommend Home Improvements

Your home has one opportunity to create an outstanding first impression. I will always be mindful of your financial goals, and recommend improvements that ensure the highest return on your investment. Additionally, I provide assistance in planning and coordinating these improvements through my reliable network of professionals.

Creating the Perfect Ambience

Regardless if it’s a sellers market, a well-maintained and aesthetically staged home consistently sells faster and at a higher value. We will put together a staging and cleaning strategy.  My staging recommendations are customized for your home, offering a variety of options for you to choose from.

Marketing the Home

Now that the home is ready, I utilize a layered marketing approach to ensure your home is seen by as many people as possible.

COMING SOON MARKETS: MLS Coming Soon Listings Status, West + Main Coming Soon, Zillow Coming Soon, FB Post to Closed Agent and to Agent Groups. 
ONLINE: Dedicated Listing Website, Paid Ads through Listing Period, MLS/ All Home Search Sites, Advanced algorithm tactics for syndication to all search sites.
PHYSICAL/PRINT: High End Luxury Brochures, Just Listed Postcard.
SOCIAL MEDIA POST:  Instagram and Facebook 
AGENT TO AGENT MARKETING: Broker Tour (If COVID restrictions allow), Email Blast to 4,000+ Local Agents, Facebook Agent to Agent Page Post(s).
OPEN HOUSES: Open House First Saturday After Listing, Open House Every Other Weekend for the Duration of the Listing

You’re on the Market

I recommend taking a trip during your first weekend on the market. And don’t worry, I help get this scheduled and organized. While I want you to enjoy some stress free time away, I will also be updating you regularly on the number of showings we have, feedback from buyers and their agents, and right when any offers come in.

Under Contract

Congratulations! Once you’ve received your ideal offer, you are officially under contract. I along with my transaction manager team with be executing all of the paperwork processing between the buyer, the lender and title company.

Inspection Period

During the inspection period, I do absolutely everything we can (even before we go under contract) to keep what the buyers ask for at inspection at a minimum.

Closing Day

The day you’ve been waiting for. Here is where all transfer of ownership is filed and the sale is funded. 


Andrea Henderson is a wonderful realtor and we highly recommend her! You’re in great hands as you navigate the home selling or buying process. She put forth every effort to sell our Denver home quickly and for the best price possible.  Andrea has high attention to detail, excellent communication and is incredibly organized.  She also was very attuned to the market and was always prepared with pertinent data.  Andrea ensured we had high quality photos/video, as well as took extra steps in the overall marketing as part of her services.  She even assisted with contacting and coordinating contractors, both as we prepared for the sale and a couple inspection items.  We feel Andrea often went above and beyond, including conducting pre-interviews for our new realtor as we’re moving out of state.” -Kelsey W. (Seller/Wash Park)

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5 Ways To Declutter Faster When Selling in Happyville, USA

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What makes working with me different?

Set Up a No Obligation
Home Evaluation

“Zestimates” are nice starting points, but they do not know the whole picture when it comes to accurately evaluating your home. There are many factors involved in determining your home’s fair market value. Let me prepare a complimentary home report for you!

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Before putting your home on the market, it’s essential to undertake a series of crucial steps to ensure a successful and smooth selling process. First and foremost, declutter and depersonalize your space to create a clean and inviting atmosphere that allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home. Consider making necessary repairs and updates to enhance the property’s appeal, whether it’s fixing leaky faucets, repainting walls, or updating outdated fixtures.  Additionally, work with a reputable real estate agent (like me) who can provide valuable guidance, market your property effectively, and negotiate the best deal on your behalf. By addressing these key tasks, you’ll significantly increase the chances of selling your home for the best possible price in the shortest amount of time.

The value of an older home compared to a new home depends on various factors. Older homes often have unique architectural features, character, and established neighborhoods, which can be appealing to buyers seeking a sense of history and charm. However, they may also require more maintenance and potentially higher renovation costs. On the other hand, new homes typically offer modern amenities, energy-efficient features, and a clean slate for personalization, but they might come with a higher price tag. Ultimately, the value of each home depends on individual preferences, budget, and the specific condition of the property. A thorough inspection and consideration of long-term needs and goals can help determine whether an older or new home is the better value for a prospective buyer. I would be happy to help!

A real estate broker is a licensed professional who acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. These highly trained individuals have completed additional education and requirements set by CO regulations. Real estate brokers assist clients with buying, selling, or renting properties, providing valuable expertise and guidance throughout the entire process. They have a deep understanding of the local market, property values, and negotiation strategies, which enables them to offer sound advice and help clients make informed decisions. Whether it’s marketing a property, conducting property searches, handling paperwork, or negotiating deals, a real estate broker’s primary goal is to ensure a smooth and successful transaction for their clients while upholding ethical and professional standards in the industry. 

Home staging offers a ton of benefits when listing your home for sale. By presenting your property in its best possible light, staging creates an inviting and aspirational atmosphere that captivates potential buyers from the moment they step inside. Staged homes tend to photograph better, making them stand out in online listings and marketing materials, ultimately attracting more interest. Additionally, staging helps highlight the home’s best features, optimizing the use of space and showcasing its full potential. As a result, staged properties often sell faster and at potentially higher prices, as buyers can envision themselves living in a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing space. With the power to create an emotional connection and leave a lasting impression, home staging proves to be a valuable investment, offering sellers a competitive edge in today’s real estate market.

While Zillow’s Zestimate can be a helpful starting point to get an idea of your home’s potential value, it’s important to recognize its limitations. Zestimates are generated using an algorithm that takes into account various data points, such as recent sales in the area, property tax assessments, and public records. However, this automated valuation model may not always accurately capture the unique features and condition of your specific home. Zestimates can vary widely in accuracy depending on the location and the availability of recent data. For a more precise and reliable estimate of your home’s value, it’s advisable to consult with a local real estate agent (like myself) who has in-depth knowledge of the market and can provide a comprehensive analysis considering both the objective data and subjective factors that influence your property’s worth.


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